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Solar Obstruction Light

  • Low Intensity LED Obstruction light
  • Low Intensity LED Obstruction light
Low Intensity LED Obstruction lightLow Intensity LED Obstruction light

Low Intensity LED Obstruction light

  • Model: KP-10A
  • MOQ:10pcs
  • Sample Price: US$40.00
  • Product description: 10CD Low Intensity LLED Obstruction Light (ICAO LI TYPE A)

10CD Low Intensity LED Obstruction Light  (ICAO LI TYPE A)

MG KP-10A is typically a standard LED Obstruction light designed for airway fixed obstacle marking application. It comply with ICAO regulation, low intensity, type A. Working mode is steady burning.

LED Low Intensity Obstruction Light (ICAO LI TYPE A)
Intensity: 10cd  / 32cd
Vertical degree:10°
Light source: LED
Horizontal degree: 360°
LED color: Aviation red
Flashing rate Steady burning or flashing (flashing rate can be customized)
Operating voltage: AC110V~AC240V (Option:DC48V)
LED life: 100,000h
Power consumption: 4W
On/off level: 70Lux/100Lux
Operating temperature: -30C ~ +70C
IP Protection: IP65
Relative humidity: 10% ~ 95% (no condensing)
Weight: single1.0KG Double Light(3.5KG)
Material Base:Die casting aluminum, housing: PC

Functions & Features
* Use Fresnel lens, high utilization of light, valid keeping light beam in the scope as required
* Based on LED technology, low power consumption, and high efficiency.
* Die casting aluminum enclosure with powder-coat paint finishes, providing corrosion resistance and durability.
* Extremely Reliable - Major Maintenance Cost Saving.
* G3/4"pipe is available, ease of mount.
* Lamp housing - Polycarbonate, with good anti-impact strength, thermal stability, high transmittance.
* Steady burning or flashing type (no need external controller).


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