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Explosion Proof light

  • Explosion Proof light DGS18W
  • Explosion Proof light DGS18W
Explosion Proof light DGS18WExplosion Proof light DGS18W

Explosion Proof light DGS18W

  • Model: DGS18W
  • MOQ: 300PCS
  • Product description: explosion proof light, hazardous location lighting, gas station light


Apply to 1st Zone and 2nd Zone with explosive gas.Suitable for combustible dust environment of 20th area, 21st area and 22nd area.Apply to the combustible dust atmosphere of IIA, IIB and IIC level.Apply to the environment that temperature classes is T1~T6Suitable for oil storage, chemical, medicine military and military facilities and other dangerous explosive environmentFeatures:

MG explosive-proof type, using alluminum alloy shell, super-bright LED light source with good heat dissipation and a long lifespan.The transparent cover is made of polycarbonate (PC) material, with high strengh, Strong shock resistance, extremely high & low temperature resistant, strong corrosion and other characteristics.safe and seal design with excellent dustproof, water proof, anti-corrosion performance.Advanced design for power supply with high precision of constant current, wide input voltage range, high power factor and anti-jamming power grid design.Nice shape with mounting bracket which makes the installation convenient and easily.

Explosion Proof light for Hazardous area DGS18W/127L

Model DGS18W/127L
Description Anti-explosion LED tunnel light for mining
Rated operating voltage: AC85-265V;
Rated Power: 18W
Light Source 0.5W Philip LED
Illumination: >20Lx (3m Department)
Operationg Temperature: -10 ~ +40 C
Material Main body: high-pressure die-casting aluminum
light cover: toughened glass
IP rate IP 65
Product Size 245 * 120 * 160 * (mm);
Weight: 1.5Kg
Explosion Mark



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