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Battery Support

Battery Operation Manual

1 Battery Installation and connection
• Batteries with different capacity, different performance and batteries were made by different factory are not allow to use in parallel.
• Batteries with same capacity can be used in series.
• Batteries with same voltage can be used in parallel
• Please connect batteries with appropriate cable.
• Please cut off the electricity before connecting the battery to avoid electric shock and explosion
• Make sure that VRLA batteries are connected in proper polarity. Connecting in the wrong way will lead fire or explosion.
• Please screw the nuts tightly to avoid spark, If the nuts have been oxidized, please wash it by soda water.
• Please floating charge the new battery groups for 72hours until the internal electricity volume of each battery are at the same level, Then battery groups can be tested or used.

2 Charging and Discharging
• Charging voltage at stand-by use
(1) Charging voltage at 2.26~2.26V/pc for 2V series (25℃)
(2) Charging voltage at 2.27~2.30V/cell for 6V、12V series (25℃)
(3) Temperature compensation per cell is 3mv/℃
• Charging voltage & current at cycle use
(1) Charging voltage for 2V series is 2.30~2.35V/pc(25℃)
(2) Charging voltage for 6V、12V series is 2.35~2.40V/cell (25℃)
(3) Temperature compensation per cell is 4mv/℃
(4) Max. charging current must below 25% of the rated capacity
• Discharge rate at above 20hours, battery should stop discharging when voltage is at 1.8V/cell; Discharge rate at 2~20 hours, battery should stop discharging when voltage is at 1.70V/cell; Discharge rate at 1~2 hours, battery should stop discharging when voltage is at 1.60V/cell; Over discharging will damage the battery, battery should be recharged back to it’s original level immediately after discharge.

3Transportation, Storage and Maintenance
• VRLA Battery is heavy goods and is easily to be crashed, please move and place batteries carefully. The batteries should be placed upright. It is forbidden to vibrate or casting the batteries. And please don’t press hard on terminals.
• Please use or store batteries at dry and ventilate place, avoid direct sunlight, keep it far away from heated and sparkle place.
• Please fully charge the batteries before storage, batteries are not allowed for storage after discharge.
• Please store the battery at the temperature 0~30℃ and charge the battery in every three months.
• Following items need to be checked every month
(1) Make sure that battery case & cover clean, air valve ventilate.
(2) Check battery case & the temperature of terminals.
(3) Please ensure that there is no case-broken and liquid-seeping around the terminals and the safety valve
(4) Make sure the connecting line is screwed tightly
(5) Please check the stand-by voltage for each battery, and check charging voltage, total stand-by voltage & current for battery group.

• VRLA Battery contained acid liquid. To avoid dangerous, please do not disassemble the battery. If the battery's case had been broken carelessly and your skin touch it, please wash your skin with soap and water at once, if necessary, please seek medical attention immediately.
• It is not allowed to using the battery in a sealed container.
• Don't use organic solvent to clean battery.
• Voltage is high enough to get people shocked when batteries are used in series, so please use insulated tool when install the batteries
• To avoid spark or battery explosions at charging and discharging, please screw tightly when connecting the batteries.
• Please do not place battery upside down. Or it will cause leakage.
• Please recycle battery after usage. Casting away will bring environmental pollution

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