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About us

Minge Power is specialized at supplying industrial LED lights for harsh environments. They are Solar Obstruction light, Solar Navigation light, Explosion Proof light and Hazardous location lighting.


Our Solar Obstruction light, Solar Navigation light, Solar Beacon light, Solar Aviation light is available in constant mode or flashing mode (programmed for 256 IALA flash codes). It's Ideal for high towers, chimneys, mining, marine, safety lighting,
Explosion proof lights are designed to specifically handle hazardous locations in which vapors and gases are constantly present in the open air. Our explosion proof LED lights are rated Class 1 Div 2 for hazardous locations such as granaries, mills, and mines, locations with gasoline vapors like gas stations, or auto shops, and environments where petrochemical vapors exist. Not only will these lights increase safety, they will do so while lowering energy costs and increasing your light output.



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